Sweet Sweat!


Okay so I get questions all the time about my fitness routine. I know lots of you want to know what workouts I do, my diet, and how I keep my figure! Well one of my secrets is Sweet Sweat! This is by far my favorite fitness product. I use it almost every time I workout. It’s a vasodilator that accelerates circulation, and enhances sweating during your workout. I always apply the product to my stomach, then wrap it with the waist trimmer to keep it in place. The belt is definitely a necessity because it can get a little messy with all the sweating! This products maximizes results in the areas you want. You can apply it to wherever your problem areas are. This product is absolutely amazing! I have been using it for years.


Here is a little snap I took after one of my workouts using Sweet Sweat with the belt on top. You can see how much sweat is on my stomach, which took my ab workout to a whole other level! Definitely try this product, I promise you will love it! This isn’t an ad or anything, I really do swear by this product.

Get it here: Sweet Sweat

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