I just recently celebrated my birthday, the big twenty-seven, and I can’t hardly believe it! First of all, where did all the time go? I feel like I just turned twenty-six yesterday. I wanted to do a little recap of how twenty-six treated me, and then look forward to this exciting new year! Honestly last […]

Spicy Mami

  Hey guys! I recently did another shoot with Legendary Marquest for MQM Life. I have been super obsessed with red lately, so I am loving this bodysuit. The location was gorgeous as well. It looks like a tropical oasis! Summer is here, so I will be posting more summer looks for you all! We […]

Street Style

  Joggers, bodysuits, and booties are definitely my thing. Oh, and in case you haven’t noticed, I am obsessed with camo too! This whole outfit is so my style. I love the high waist look of the paints. The orange color gives the outfit a whole different vibe! I would wear this outfit out to […]

Gray Day

  This style of dress fits well with so many different body shapes! I love it for mine, because it hugs my curves in all the right places! Grey happens to also look fabulous with rhinestones. These heels are my go to lately. They glam up any outfit! Try pairing with a simple outfit like […]