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I get a lot of questions about my diet, and exercise routine. I wanted to do a little food swap post to help you guys get an idea of what I eat and drink on a regular basis. The main thing I want to express is that I never “diet,” I just eat healthy. I try to make as many healthy choices as possible. If I really want something, I wont beat myself up over eating it. 

Here are some items you should get rid of, or habits you should change immediately! These are all practices that are part of my everyday routine. Remember, I am not a professional! These are the things I eat and drink everyday to maintain the body that I want! I think these easy swaps can help in anyones weight loss journey! They have definitely helped me. 

1. Stop drinking your calories!

There are so many drinks that are full of sugars, and calories that people drink on a regular basis. Drinking high calorie drinks throughout the day will add so many calories to your diet. It is nearly impossible to stay under a reasonable calorie consumption when you’re drinking so many of your calories! Soda is the absolute worst! Even diet soda is terrible for you. I completely cut out sodas from my diet a couple years ago, and it helped me a lot! Drinking a few sodas while out to eat will add a couple hundred calories to your meal. We don’t need all that! It is hard enough keeping our calorie intake down. Your best option when going out is to order water. No calories, no sugars, and no fats! Also, the more water you drink, the less bloated you will feel. Water aids in weight loss, as well! Drink as much as you can. If you want something with flavor then drink my favorite; unsweetened iced tea! Here are a few things you should stop drinking, and what I drink instead: 

Stop drinking:

Soda You already know how terrible soda is for you.. stop drinking it!

High calorie coffee drinks One Frappuccino will cost you around 500 calories. 

Sports drinks Gatorade and Powerade should only be consumed while working out.These drinks are full of sodium, and sugars that you really don’t need. Drinking them just because is a no no! If I do, I only drink the Powerade Zero, or G2 Gatorade.

Juices One glass of juice is full of sugars, and calories.

Energy drinks Energy drinks are absolutely terrible for you. I honestly don’t understand how there are really people who still drink these. If you are one of these people….please stop.

High calorie alcoholic drinks such as margaritas, pina coladas, beers, etc. One Margarita can have up to 740 calories! I love margaritas, but these have to be an every now and then drink. Or try a skinny margarita, which is my favorite!

Sweet tea SO. MUCH. SUGAR.


Start Drinking:

Flavored sparkling water: My absolute favorite brand is Sparking Ice. The flavor and the carbonation gives you the feeling of drinking soda. Except one amazing thing; zero calories!

Unsweetended iced tea: Iced tea has zero calories, and zero sugars. It also has caffeine for us addicts (me). You wont have to worry about added calories with this beverage. I usually always order water or iced tea when I go out to eat. My favorite is black tea. If they have an unsweetened flavored black tea, even better! I will drink green tea sometimes, but usually always black (unless its matcha…yum!).

Coconut Water: Okay, I am fully obsessed with coconut water. I drink it every single day. There are so many health benefits from coconut water, and it’s extremely hydrating! There is a small amount of sugars and sodium, but still much better than the alternatives. Coconut water is healthy, and delicious.

Water: There is nothing better for you than water! No calories, no fat, no sugars! The more you drink the better you will feel, and the more weight you will lose. I personally have a hard time drinking enough water. I want to drink things with flavor! My favorite trick is to always drink water with food, because then taste doesn’t matter as much. If I am not eating food, then I will go for something with flavor like coconut water, or sparkling water. 

Iced Coffee: instead of starting your day with a 500 calorie Frappuccino, just drink iced coffee (or hot depending on your preference)! Black coffee only has about 5 calories in it. That’s it! For most people it is hard to drink coffee black. I like milk, and a little sweetener. My exact Starbucks order is usually a venti iced coffee with nonfat milk, and three pumps of classic sweetener (you can do skinny syrup, but I try to avoid artificial sweeteners as often as possible). Sometimes I let myself have soy milk, but don’t drink soy everyday. Coconut and almond milk are perfectly fine substitutes as well. I just don’t like the coconut or almond milk at Starbucks. Anywhere else, then yes! Too much soy is not good for women, or men. 

Low calorie alcohol drinks: If you aren’t going to give up alcohol completely (which is pretty hard) here are my substitutes for what I drink when I go out. Margaritas are my absolute favorite drink. If I go out I will always try to order a skinny margarita instead of regular. If I am at a bar or a club I always order a vodka soda. I know a lot of people like vodka (or gin) and tonic, but tonic water has hidden sugars. So be careful with those! Vodka soda is the perfect low calorie option. Now I usually don’t over drink. If I go out I only have one or maybe two drinks. So when you go out please do not order more than necessary. I promise it will blow your whole diet. Beer bellies are real! When it comes to beer or wine I usually order whatever I want because I know I am only going to have one. My favorite wine is cabernet, and my favorite beers are wheat beers like Blue Moon!


To sum it all up, these are really the only things I drink. The only drinks you will find in my fridge are water, coconut water, and sparkling water. I do drink coffee every single day, but I keep it low calorie. When I go out I stick to one or two drinks at most. I order low calorie options with mixed drinks. With beer and wine I usually order whatever I want since I am only having one. Sometimes I do drink sports drinks while working out, but very rarely. I also sometimes drink protein shakes after the gym, again very rarely. It is okay to have some things in moderation, but try to incorporate as many of these healthier options as possible in your everyday routine. 

2. STOP eating out and START meal prepping!

The one thing that has helped me the most is meal prepping. It helps you lose weight, feel lighter, and less bloated! I live my life on the go most of the time. I don’t cook at home a lot, and when I am hungry, I am hungry now! I would usually just get something on the go for convenience. Well doing this added a lot of calories to my daily routine (and you spend a lot more money). When I switched to meal prepping my life became easier, and healthier! I started with meal prepping at home, but now I purchase my meal preps from a place here in Las Vegas called Foodie Fit (each meal ranges from about $6-$10). When I was meal prepping at home I usually made either salmon, chicken, or ground turkey for protein. For starch I would do rice or quinoa, and asparagus and peppers for vegetables. I would cook in bulk so I would have meals for a few days. The only bad thing about this is that you get bored of eating the same things. What I love about buying from Foodie Fit is that you have a variety of food options, and all the nutritional facts are provided for you. You know exactly what you’re eating. They also have tons of gluten free options if that’s what you’re looking for. Some examples of their meals that I have in my fridge right now are pizza, pad thai, macaroni and cheese, fish tacos, chicken and waffles, jambalaya, and beef and broccoli. Sounds delicious right? It is all healthy! There is never a day I am not eating a meal prep. It has become my lifestyle, and its drastically changed my body!

3. Snack healthy

There really is nothing wrong with snacking. It is actually good for you to eat smaller portions all throughout the day to keep your metabolism going. My body is used to eating frequently, and I have an extremely fast metabolism, so I keep granola bars with me at all times! Just in case you really need a little something (which happens to me a lot). Long story short, I love snacking, and it’s not bad for you!

Stop snacking on






Ice cream

Pop Tarts



Start snacking on

Hummus it’s my favorite! I love to dip either pretzels or veggies in my hummus

Protein or granola bars

Fruit my absolute favorite thing to snack on is pomegranate arils. Second favorites are grapes, oranges, and pineapple.

Rice Cakes


Veggie Straws similar to chips, but a lot more healthy!

Oatmeal….I have an obsession with oatmeal

Protein cookies my favorite brands are “The Complete Cookie” by Lenny & Larry (Birthday cake is my favorite flavor) and “Know Better” protein cookies. These are perfect when you’re having a sweet tooth!

Smoothies I love having a smoothie after workouts to help hold me over until my next meal. Be very careful though, places like Tropical Smoothie have a lot of high calories smoothies. Make sure you know what you’re ordering if you’re not making it at home.

4. Eat a good breakfast

It is so important to start your day right! I used to be really bad about waiting forever to eat, because I’m usually not hungry in the mornings. It is so important to get your metabolism going first thing in the morning, though! Even if you chug water right when you wake up, or drink coffee. Make sure you have something. I feel like it is super easy to load up on calories in the morning. So many breakfast foods are high in fat, and calories. Just make healthy choices in the morning as well. 

What I normally eat for breakfast is egg whites with pico de gallo, turkey bacon, and wheat toast. I love oatmeal for breakfast as well. If I am not super hungry I will just eat a granola bar with my coffee. 

So there you go! This is what I eat and drink everyday. I eat one of the breakfast options, then usually two meal preps a day. I snack in between every meal. I drink a lot of water, coconut, and sparkling water! My biggest pieces of advice are meal prep, drink more water, snack healthy and frequently, and stop drinking your calories! Pretty simple stuff! Just make good choices, and be consistent. The more consistency, the better the results! 

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  1. Hello. It has been a while since you last posted blogs & shoots & other stuff. Happy April by the way. ^.^

    Anyways, after reading this blog post, I find very interesting that we (as humans) must look after ourselves physically & mentally. I can bet that it’s a true testimony of advice with great motivation & direction.

    Thanks for sharing this as wisdom. Have an awesome month. 🙂

    1. I know! I am sorry it’s been so long. It’s been a crazy couple of weeks. I’ll get back into posting regularly though, promise! I have tons of posts started already.

      Thanks for always supporting! Have an awesome month as well!

      1. Yay! Will look forward to them from you soon. 🙂 And at your service. Plus, still patiently awaiting for your response from my e-mail message.

        P.S.: Thanks, I will try my best as well.

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