Hair Growth Trick!

Recently I was looking for ways to help grow my hair. I have always worn extensions because I have really thin hair. They add length, volume, and make it more thick. I use clip in extensions which are not good for everyday use. I have been wearing them off and on for the past six years or so! I just started noticing a couple thin areas on my scalp where the clips were causing damage. Obviously I panicked and thought okay, it’s time I give up the weave for a while! I wanted to grow back the hair where I have the damage, and obviously just grow my hair in general. It is hard when you’re used to having all the volume with extensions. I want to grow my real hair, and make it thicker!

After doing a lot of research online I found that peppermint oil was a good way to stimulate your scalp, and help grow your hair. Not only giving you length, but also helping to make thin hair become thicker! For the last month I have been adding a couple drops of pure peppermint oil into my shampoo (I wash about every three days and add two to three drops of peppermint oil). When you are shampooing you can instantly feel your scalp start tingling. This is stimulating the scamp, and increasing blood flow to your head! This is what promotes hair growth by waking up your hair follicles!

I have only been doing this for about two months, and I have already noticed a huge difference. The length has grown about three inches! The thin spots on my scalp are completely filled in, and my hair has more volume. Doing this for another month or so, while still taking my vitamins everyday, I don’t think I will need my extensions again! – I hope!

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