“Lingerie Jewelry”


I have always loved statement jewelry. They definitely aren’t for your everyday look, but they can completely transform an outfit! Whenever I do wear a statement necklace, my outfit is usually styled around it. They always steal the show!

Well, this year chokers have become increasingly popular. I myself have been loving this trend. Lately it’s gone one step further with what I call “the lingerie jewelry.” A couple months ago I was shopping in LA, and came across this amazing necklace at a boutique I’ve been to a few times. It was definitely what you would think of when you think “lingerie jewelry.” It covered my whole chest, and was filled with diamonds! So gorgeous. I ended up not buying it, and I was regretting it everyday. I started seeing more of these pieces online, and I couldn’t wait to get my hands on one.

While doing some Christmas shopping I found this gorgeous piece at Windsor in my local mall. This necklace/”lingerie jewelry” can go under different dresses or shirts, and completely change their look! Here I styled it with a basic black tank dress. The necklace changed the outfit from casual to glam! There are so many different outfits you can style this with, and I guarantee it will make you feel as gorgeous as it looks! Next time I want to wear it with a dress that has a V neck, so you can see more of the necklace. You can also play around with different colors besides black. Since the necklace is black, you can pretty much wear it with any color! Try this look next time you have a night out!



Shop my look:

Necklace: Windsor

Dress: Forever 21

Jacket: Forever 21

Shoes: Go Jane

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