Unfu*k Yourself

I just finished reading this one. I love self help books! I have been reading them a lot over the past couple years. After graduating from college two years ago I struggled finding a job. I was applying to multiple jobs every single day, and wasn’t getting any calls. It was so frustrating! I started to feel confused as to where I wanted to go with my career, and what exactly was going to make me happy in my life. I wasn’t happy with the job I had at the time, and I was feeling super bitter about it. I wanted a change. I couldn’t understand why nothing was coming together. I thought it was just going to happen! I started to realize that the only person who can change my life is me.  No one else. We have to make the necessary changes in our life to get where we want. Nothing is going to just happen because we simply want it to. I needed to read this book to give myself a nice little wake up call. It is very straight forward, and forces you to stop making excuses for yourself. It makes you realize you can’t blame anyone for the circumstances in your life except yourself. Once you see that, you realize YOU have all the tools you need to change your life. It is all up to you! No excuses, just get your life together! It is inspirational, and helpful for anyone who is feeling stuck in their current situation. Read this book so you can go on and live your best life!


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